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Kids grow up FAST!

I bet you thought this was an exaggeration before you had kids of your own?

I sure did…

We had our baby boy in late 2020 and even now I still wish we had taken more photos.

Like you, we have a metric TONNE of photos on our phones of us in our day to day lives which are great and super important to have, but I wish I had taken more professional photos of us and had them printed.

Setting aside the time to focus (excuse the pun) solely on taking photos and connecting with each other has been amazing when we have done it and we are always so happy when we have put the time aside to make it happen.

Kids change so quickly at every stage of their lives, not just physically but emotionally and developmentally too.

Capturing these stages in photos is a sure-fire way to spark memories and have something physical that you will hold onto for decades to some.

The Experience

Kids can be a little nervous when they first arrive to the studio or on location, we try to make it as welcoming experience as possible, but sometimes just being in a new place with a new person is enough to make them a little cautious which is understandable.

To be fair, you can say the exact same thing about adults too and some times my animal noises and silly faces work just as well with them too.

As the photographer it’s my job to make sure they have a blast while they are getting their photos taken!

Acting like a fool, making faces and generally being silly can help to make them completely forget that they are here for photos and their personality can shine through.

This also helps put everyone else at ease surprisingly enough.

If you and the rest of the family see me pulling faces, making funny noises and playing peek-a-boo and generally not taking myself too seriously you’ll probably be a bit more ok with jumping in front of the camera and without feeling too embarrassed.

Other kids who are naturally shyer require a more subtle approach, asking them about what they love, their pets, their favourite characters, anything to get them to open up a little and relate, we don’t need huge cheesy smiles from every single child, we just want to capture their unique personalities that you know and love. Usually once the kids are having fun the whole family follows suit and great images follow on from that.

Want to know the secret to breaking the ice and helping the kids to relax at the beginning of the shoot?

I just completely make a fool of myself, and trust me I find that very easy to achieve!


Sam made us feel totally relaxed, as if he wasn’t even there taking photos

Andrew K

Sam made us feel totally relaxed, as if he wasn’t even there taking photos

Andrew K

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